Lake Chickamauga

Lake Chickamauga

  • On August 27, 2018

They are still fish out on the ledges on Lake Chickamauga, the bait fish are scattered and moving in toward the grassy areas. They are a few fish being caught in the grass on frogs,but the best bite for the frog should start around the mid September. I was out with Mike and Mark the other day showing them how to fish the ledges and and use a dropshot. They have always fished the bank lines and around docks, but had never fished the ledges or out on humps in the open water. They had a good day boating over 35 Largemouth bass, now they know how to fish ledges and how to fish a dropshot rig. A lot of anglers call it a fairy wand and they want fish it, cause they think only big baits for big fish. Please keep thinking that, they leaves more fish for us. If your looking to try ledge fishing or want to catch some on a frog, give us a call and get your trip booked today.



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