Lakes in North Georgia

We have access to many different lakes in two different states (North Carolina, and Georgia). Our guide service will get you hooked on smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, spotted bass, which are all native to the North Georgia area. Lake Burton is a nationally ranked big bass fishery. Check out the rest of the lakes we access below.

Lake Blue Ridge

Lake Blue Ridge is 3,300 acres and has 60 miles of shoreline, it’s one of the last lakes in the state of Georgia to still have a few Smallmouth Bass. Although the majority of fish caught on trips will be Spotted Bass, but there are still some 2 1/2 to 4lb Smallmouth. The Spotted Bass got introduced illegally in the early 90’s, and has now become the thriving population. This reason being is that the two species cross spawn, and the Spotted Bass is the more dominant species.  Lake Blue Ridge also contains Largemouth Bass, White Bass and Walleye. All of our mountain lakes are deep clear lakes and fish different from your shallow lakes and ponds. The best way to fish these lakes is down size your line to 6 and 8 pound fluorocarbon, and target step rocky banks, lay downs and long points.The best techniques to use are dropshot, shaky head, jigs, tubes and crankbaits. Book a Fishing Guide on Lake Blue Ridge


Lake Blue Ridge Fishing Guide

Lake Burton

Lake Burton is one of the most beautiful lakes in North Georgia. Lake Burton is 2,775 acres and has 62 miles of shoreline, with its massive homes and huge wooden fixed boat houses. Most of these homes are owned by some well known people including; Alabama Head Football Coach Nick Saben, Country Music Artist Alan Jackson and multiple professional athletes. Lake Burton currently holds the Georgia state record Spotted Bass 8lb 2oz. Not only does Lake Burton have big Spotted Bass, it also produces some massive Largemouth Bass. Some of the best areas to fish Lake Burton is around docks, points and main lake bluffs. The lures of my choice are swim baits, jigs, dropshot, shaky head, crankbaits and jerk baits. Book a Fishing Guide on Lake Burton


Lake Burton Fishing Guide

Lake Chatuge

Lake Chatuge is 7,500 acres and has 132 miles of shoreline, This lake is nestled in the mountains of Hiwassee Georgia and is divided by Georgia and North Carolina. This lake is full of Spotted bass and also has a good population of Largemouth Bass, and in a couple of years fishermen will start to see a greater population of Hybrid Bass. These Hybrid Bass are on the North Carolina restocking program. I would target laydowns, brush and long points, some of the best fishing techniques are dropshot, shaky head, fish head spins, jigs, top water and deep diving crank baits. Book a Fishing Guide on Lake Chatuge


Lake Chatuge Fishing Guide

Lake Nottely

Lake Nottely is 4,180 acres and has 106 miles of shoreline, and is another one of North Georgia’s deep clear lakes, Although Nottely has Largemouth bass, Spotted bass, Striper and Hybrid, over the past few years it has produced some massive Stripers in the 30 to 40 plus range. There are also a lot of steep rocky banks and points with many docks and creek runs. The best techniques to fish this lake is dropshot, shaky head, fish head spin, jigs and crank baits. Look for lay downs, points, and bank lines that the river and creeks bend in close. Book a Fishing Guide on Lake Nottely


Lake Nottely Fishing Guide

Hiwassee Lake

Lake Hiwassee is located in North Carolina and is surrounded by the Nantahala National Forest, with 6,000 acres and 180 miles of shoreline. One of the great features about this lake is that there are very few lake houses and docks located on this lake. This lake has endless, steep, rocky bank lines and points, which provide perfect habitat for smallmouth bass. Hiwassee Lake does have Largemouth bass, but the Spotted Bass is growing in population due to the fact that the lake is fed by the Nottely River which comes from Nottely Lake. The state of North Carolina has started stocking Striper in Hiwassee lake, so in the next few years it will become good Striped bass fishery. Some of the best lures are dropshot, jigs, crankbaits, tubes, shaky head and top water. Book a Fishing Guide on Hiwassee Lake


Lake Hiwassee Fishing Guide

Nantahala Lake

This Lake is my Hidden Jewel and is located in the Nantahala National Forest, with 1,605 acres and 42 miles of shoreline. Nantahala lake is about 12 miles from Andrews, North Carolina. The two greatest features of this lake is that it doesn’t contain any Spotted Bass or Blueback Herring Bait Fish like all the other lakes I guide on. If you ever get tired of catching Spotted Bass and just want a day of catching Largemouth and Smallmouth, this is the lake! Nantahala Lake is the clearest lake I guide on and there are some houses and boat docks. The best techniques for catching fish on Lake Nantahala are small jigs, shaky head, crankbaits, dropshot and top water. Book a Fishing Guide on Nantahala Lake


Lake Nanatahala Fishing Guide