Lake Chatuge Fishing

Lake Chatuge Fishing

  • On July 8, 2018

Lake Chatuge Fishing has been day-to-day due to all the rain and storms we’ve been having. We’re still catching some fish but they are scattered. Most people think guiding is all a bought the money, don’t get me wrong that does help pay the bills, but if you’re a guide and you don’t enjoy your clients and hearing there stories or teaching them new techniques to try on their home waters, then your probably not doing it for the right reason. I enjoy hearing about the places they’ve fished, all the places they’ve lived and been, just the other day I had the honor of guiding a client that had started his adult hood out in a rough way and told me how he finally broke down accepted GOD and his life has forever changed. Makes you think, was he put in my boat for a reason that day. But this trip the other day really hit home and brought back a lot of memories when my dad would take me and my brother fishing. I growed up camping, fishing and hunting, not glued to the Tv’s, IPad or playing video games. We road our bicycles everywhere and built forts in the woods, played in creeks, caught lizards, snakes, crawfish, and Snail Darters. By the way if you could manage to catch a Snail Darter in the creek bare handed, you was the man. On this guide trip we caught Spotted bass using dropshot and shaky head, targeting points and docks, these brothers talked smack all morning every time they caught a fish, who’s was the biggest or who had caught the most. There summer all revolved on fishing, that’s what they had growed up doing and loving, till deer season. That’s why I don’t mind getting up at 4am, “Looking to take a guided fishing trip?  view my rates, and secure yourself a North Georgia Fishing Guidetoday!


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