Fall fishing is here

Fall fishing is here

  • On October 31, 2021

Fall fishing is here, and if you’ve never fished in the fall or winter you have no idea what you are missing. TVA has started dropping our lakes to get them down to winter pool, which means the fish will start staging in their winter areas, and the water temps are getting cooler. It’s the one time of year that the Spotted bass will bunch together and feed up for the winter months, and the Largemouth bass moves up from the summer depths feeding up before moving back deep for the winter. We are starting to see breaking fish in the mornings once the sun starts breaking through the clouds, and can continue throughout the day. I keep a couple of topwater baits tied on and on the front deck of the boat, Whopper Plooper, and Zara spook. The fish are scattered around and we are finding some out deep following the Blueback Herring baitfish around, I use my Gamin livescope and just follow around the schools of baitfish and target the bass under them, using a Strike King 3.25 rage swimmer on a 3/16oz swimbait jig. There is some bass staged around laydowns and deep rocky banks. On the deeper fish, try drop shot, ned rig, and 3/8 oz pb/j jig. Check out these photos from the past couple of weeks. Give us a call and book your trip today.



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