Lake Blue Ridge Fishing

Discover Bass Fishing at Lake Blue Ridge

Lake Blue Ridge, spanning 3,300 acres with 60 miles of shoreline, is one of Georgia’s premier fishing destinations. It’s one of the last lakes in the state where you can still find a few prized Smallmouth Bass. While Spotted Bass dominate the catch due to their introduction in the early ’90s, you can still hook Smallmouth Bass weighing between 2.5 to 4 pounds. The lake also hosts healthy populations of Largemouth Bass, White Bass, and Walleye.

Fishing in the deep, clear waters of our mountain lakes, like Lake Blue Ridge, requires a different approach than fishing in shallow lakes and ponds. For the best results, use 6 to 8 pound fluorocarbon line and focus on steep rocky banks, lay downs, and long points. Effective techniques include dropshot, shaky head, jigs, tubes, and crankbaits.


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