Lake Blue Ridge Fishing

Guided fishing trip on Lake Blue Ridge

Guided fishing trips on Lake Blue Ridge are a lot of fun. Lake Blue Ridge is 3,300 acres and has 60 miles of shoreline, it’s one of the last lakes in the state of Georgia to have Smallmouth Bass. Although the majority of fish caught on trips will be Spotted Bass, It’s not uncommon to catch a 2 1/2 to 4lb Smallmouth. The Spotted Bass got introduced illegally in the early 90’s, and has now become the thriving population. This reason being is that the two species cross spawn, and the Spotted Bass is the more dominant species. Lake Blue Ridge also contains Largemouth Bass, White Bass and Walleye. All of our mountain lakes are deep clear lakes and fish different from your shallow lakes and ponds. The best way to fish these lakes is down size your line to 6 and 8 pound fluorocarbon, and target step rocky banks, lay downs and long points. The best techniques to use are dropshot, shaky head, jigs, tubes and crankbaits. Book a Fishing Trip on Lake Blue Ridge


Guided fishing trips on Lake Blue Ridge

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Fall fishing is in the air, we’ve been having some cool nights which has dropped the water temps some. Most all of our North Georgia lakes are down 4 to 5 feet, due to the lack of rain and TVA pulling them over Labor day. Their is nothing prettier then the leaves changing there colors …

The crazy weather we’ve had this past week with hot days, thunder storms and rain in the afternoon has slowed the bite down some on Lake Blue Ridge. Also with the lack of rain the past month and TVA having to draw water for the Ocoee rafting the lake is down about 4 feet. But …

It’s always nice to go fishing and catch big fish, and there is times when this happens. But this trip a couple of weeks ago was a special trip. I’ve taken Gene and his son out a couple of times on lake Blue Ridge, and it seems like there is always a cool front comes through …